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Mound mechanics March 2019

In-game mechanics March 2019

Walking windup February 2019

Mound mechanics January 2019


Mound velo from just before I went back to school for winter term. Had some elbow pain during this pen and was only up to 89.4 (shown here). Arm has felt good in bullpens since then, though. 

Flat ground December 2018


Flat ground when I was back home for winter break. I hit a PR of 90.9 a couple throws before this, but only had 90.1 on video. This was a huge PR for me, and this was probably the best I have ever felt. Ironically, I pulled down immediately before this and couldn’t break 92, so my flat ground for the day was <1 mph below my pulldown.

Mound mechanics October 2018


Mound velo session leading up to fall ball. Got up to 90 here, but dealt with elbow pain at around this time.

Mound mechanics September 2018


Mound velo when I was at Driveline just before going back to school for my Junior year. Hit a mound PR of 90.8, which still stands as of right now.

Pitch design September 2018


 Highlights from a pitch design session at Driveline from the end of my 2018 summer. Looking to get a feel for 2 seam, changeup, and curveball spin axis. Pitches in order are 4SFB, 2SFB, CH, CB.

Walking windups August 2018


Retest about a month after leaving Driveline. Arm action felt really good around this time and my velos were back up…wasn’t working off the mound yet, but all my plyos were back to where they were before the 2018 season, and I hit 88 from flat ground this same week.

Walking windups July 2018


Walking windup throws from my retest just before leaving Driveline. This was right around when I started to turn the corner velo wise, and during my exit mound velo a couple days later I sat at around 87, which wasn’t where I wanted to be but was at least an improvement from when I first started.

Mound mechanics July 2018


My first mound velo at Driveline during the summer before my Junior year. Training “in the hole” can be frustrating, and this is exactly what I did for most of the summer coming back from my elbow injury during the 2018 season. This session I topped out at 85.9 with a lot of bicep pain, and I didn’t get back over 90 until that September. 

Scap retraction throw March 2018


Scap retraction throws from my Sophomore season, around the time that I sprained my UCL. At this point in the year, my elbow hurt on pretty much every high intensity throw, and I couldn’t really throw above 86-87 because of the pain. Again, the arm injuries I dealt with could have been from a number of factors, but the arm action here definitely looks a bit problematic, especially in terms of shoulder abduction.

Pivot picks January 2018


Pivot picks from just before my Sophomore season. 

Mound mechanics November 2017


 Mound mechanics from the fall of my Sophomore year. At the time I was doing a combination of Florida Baseball Ranch and Driveline drills. Velo was up to 89 here.

Mound mechanics August 2017


Side view of my mound mechanics from the summer before my Sophomore year at Caltech. At this time I was working with Randy Sullivan at the Florida Baseball Ranch, and I still use some of their mechanical concepts even to this day.

Rocker throw March 2017


Rocker throws from my Freshman year, right before I got hurt. My Freshman year, I dealt with significant arm pain in my bicep and medial elbow, and eventually ended up spraining my UCL. There are a lot of factors as to why that might have happened, but my mechanics at the time definitely could have played a role.

Mound mechanics January 2017


Bullpen before my Freshman season. Most games, I would start out being able to touch somewhere in the 87-90 range, but then dropped velo significantly after about 10-15 pitches, ending up in the low 80’s.

Pivot picks January 2017


Pivot pickoff throws from the winter before my Freshman season at Caltech. This was when I first started doing Driveline drills after I got Hacking the Kinetic Chain (Driveline’s pitching/training manual) for christmas.

Flat ground December 2016


Flat ground work from the winter of my Freshman year at Caltech. 84-86 here.

First 90+ mound August 2016


First time ever hitting 90+ off the mound at Prime Athletics, during the summer after my Senior year.

Game footage July 2015


Video from the summer before my Senior year. FB was low 80’s here, up to maybe 85.

Game footage January 2015


Video from the winter of my Junior year. FB was up to 81 here I believe.

Bullpen June 2014


Bullpen (and BP round) from the end of my Sophomore year in high school. This is the oldest video of myself that I have. FB probably low 80’s here.