Current Measurables

This page is where I’ll give a brief rundown of my measurable data, including throwing PR’s, season statistics, etc.. This page will be updated as these numbers change, and video will be available whenever possible on the Video Library page (even if I don’t always get my PR’s on video, I’ll usually have video of throws within 1 mph of my PR).

Throwing PR’s:

Mound velocity (5 oz regulation baseball): 91 (January 2019)

Flat ground velocity (5 oz regulation baseball): 90.9 (December 2018)

Pulldown/run ‘n gun velocity (5 oz): 94.4 (October 2017)

Weight room PR’s:

Deadlift (hex bar): 485×3 (June 2019)

Squat: 295×3 (June 2019)

Bench press: 215×3 (June 2019)

Dumbbell press: 90×8 (each arm, October 2018)

Unfortunately I don’t have video of any of these weight room PR’s, and I’m working with maintenance loads right now as I’m getting close to the start of the season. Next offseason, I’ll try to get video as these improve. 

Full 2018 stats:

Full 2017 stats: