About Me

Hi! My name is Grant Messner, and I’m a college baseball player chasing my dream of playing at the next level. I’m a 6’0″, 190 lb. right handed pitcher for the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). I’ll be graduating in 2020, majoring in Physics and Minoring in Computer Science. I was born on July 9th, 1997 in Lake Forest, Illinois, which is where I grew up and attended high school (Lake Forest High School). My parents are Aimee and Eric, and I have three younger brothers, Parker, Landen, and Gage, and a dog named Bailey.

I made this website not only to showcase my training in the most open and transparent manner possible, but also to provide blog content relevant to my week-to-week experiences, so that whoever reads it can hopefully learn from them. Since the summer of 2018, part of which I spent training at Driveline Baseball in Seattle, WA, I’ve been documenting every rep of every exercise, drill, lift, etc. that I’ve done using Driveline’s TRAQ software, and I have a slow-motion throwing video library that dates back to before my Freshman year at Caltech. Much of this content will be available on this website, as well as future content that will also be included as part of my blog posts. As someone who’s been through the ups and downs of both training and playing the past few years, from velocity PR’s, shutouts and double-digit strikeout games to arm injuries, velocity dips and poor performances, I hope that what I’ve learned along the way can benefit somebody. Thanks for reading this, and I hope you enjoy the website!